All About Us

How did you arrive at the name "Riley's Whitby Bull"?

We read Martha Grimes murder mysteries. Her character, Sgt. Wiggins, said: "That would be as loud as the Whitby Bull." I liked the way it slid off the tongue and asked Will if that could be the name of our next restaurant and he agreed. That's how we became "Riley's Whitby Bull."

"Bull," of course, is the name given to lighthouses because of the sound they make.

Whitby is located in England on the northeast coast of the North Sea. It is a rugged coastline where pirates looted ships that floundered on the rocks. In the 1800's it became a whaling center.
Where did you train?

We are Culinary Institute of America alumni - Class of 1981.

That is where Will and I met. For me it was "love at first sight." It took me months to convince Will that he couldn't live without me. We've been partners ever since.

When will you write a cookbook?

I've gotten as far as sorting thru our recipes and trying to organize and narrow the field. Tough going, guys. I want to include them all but that is too daunting an option.